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The keys to business success are changing, and we have yet to revolt against the herd-based assumptions of management. ”
Aubrey Daniels, Ph.D., author of four best-selling books, including OOPS! 13 Management Practices That Waste Time & Money and What To Do Instead
Dr. Clow makes a good case for why we must revolutionize work. Some will resist it (and she shows why) but those who embrace it (and she shows how) will be the ones who win in a world where things are turning upside down. Her book provides an inside look at Google’s culture as an example of a positively designed workplace that has created phenomenal business success. She draws on her work there to show that companies managed by “old-school work systems” cannot compete with those who understand the power of a “grassroots” culture where empowerment is bottom-up rather than top-down. I am convinced that she accurately describes the future state of the successful organization.”
Kevin Kruse,  co-author of the NY Times bestseller, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement
Don’t fight for work-life balance; fight for a work revolution! With ideas forged by behavioral research and honed by her time at Google, Julie Clow’s new book, The Work Revolution, lays out the new rules for work in the century ahead. Packed with self-assessments, case studies, and expert contributions, this book shows all of us the new way to work—and live—for greater productivity and less stress.

Thriving organizations will be the ones that focus on impact not activities, energy not schedules, strengths not job titles, and the right things not everything. Buy a copy of this book for all your managers, or get ready to be left behind.”
Tony Bingham, President & CEO, American Society for Training and Development
Looking to massively change your workplace? Julie Clow wants to change all organizations and shows how the power to do so is in your hands. Do your part by following the practical strategies and examples in this book. Your current and future employees will be deeply engaged, results-driven, and happy – and, so will you!”
Tamara J. Erickson, Author of What's Next, Gen X? Keeping Up, Moving Ahead, and Getting the Career You Want
We can do it!  Julie tackles today's biggest challenge -- remaking our organizations for the knowledge economy -- with pragmatic optimism.  Filled with ideas and examples, The Work Revolution is a book that will inspire individuals and guide corporations on the critical journey ahead.”
Elliott Masie, Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM
The Work Revolution is a crisp and actionable manifesto for designing workplaces and leadership models that will sustain innovation, talent and learning in these radically changing times. Julie Clow has written a must-read book for business leaders, employees and talent managers worldwide!”
Peter L. Allen, Ph.D., M.B.A.
former Director, Google University (Google, Inc.)
Clow’s book is a call to action to rethink the work environment.  Based on her own experiences and substantial research into best-practice, innovative companies, Clow explores the failings of traditional organizations (you know the list:  bureaucracy, inefficiency, disengagement) and proposes an antidote - the empowering, sometimes startling and extravagant practices of companies like Google, Netflix, Zappos, and Best Buy. 

The Work Revolution is a throw-out-the-rulebook manifesto for everyone - from front-line managers to CEOs - who believes that empowering employees is the best way to unleash potential.  Not every company can stop tracking vacation time or offer free, lavish organic meals:  but every company can and should take a look at itself to see where it is wasting time, energy, and good will, and try fresh thinking and new approaches to getting the best out of their employees’ hearts and minds.  

A handbook to the new economy, Clow’s book should be a part of the mental and management library of organizations across the employment spectrum.”