How to gain freedom and be excellent in any job environment
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The Work Revolution is about changing the way the world sees work. What if everyone got satisfaction from their job? How would this affect their productivity and performance?

Research shows that employee engagement is highly correlated with business success, individual achievement, and better health, but only about 30% of employees are truly engaged. It shouldn't be this hard, and it isn't.

By making simple changes to improve our relationships with work and each other, we can systematically ignite a work revolution everywhere.

Each of us plays a role in this revolution, and it starts today.

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Kevin Kruse
The Work Revolution is both a manifesto and a battle plan for transforming our organizations and work lives.”
Aubrey Daniels
I am convinced that Julie accurately describes the future state of the successful organization.”
Tammy Erickson
The Work Revolution is a book that will inspire individuals and guide corporations on the critical journey ahead.”
Julie’s five years at Google is only a small portion of her personal and professional journey. Currently she is the head of learning and development at a mid-size investment management - more...
Julie Clow
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